Top 10 Nosiest Toys of 2010

By Stephanie Martin

We all know that Christmas and the holiday season can bring a number of headaches for parents. It starts with the incessant begging for toys, and ends with days and weeks of whirring, squealing, loud toys; but what we often fail to consider is the hearing of our children. Children’s ears are more sensitive than adults, and are thus more susceptible to loud, high-pitched noises, which over time can cause long term hearing loss.

The Sight and Hearing association releases a yearly list of the year’s loudest toys to help both parents and children protect their hearing (and sanity). Here is this year’s list:

1. Bell Riderz Block Blaster
2. Cars Shake ‘N Go Ramone
3. Transformers Optimus Prime Cyber Sword
4. True Heroes Sonic Battle Blasters
5. CAT Mini Mover
6. Rocket Boost Iron Man 2
7. Road Rippers Rush and Rescue Fire Truck
8. Interaction Morris
9. Proto Bat-Bot Figure
10. CAT Honk and Rumble Wheel
11. Dora Tunes Microphone
12. B. FunKeys
13. Dora Magic Adventure Wand
14. Sesame Street Singing Pop-Up Pals
15. Bruin Musical Teething Keys
16. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Learning Phone
17. Bruin Mini Kitchen
18. Bruin Lights and Sounds Fire Truck

All of these toys are recommended for children under seven and most under four; the ages when children’s audio development is key. The risk remains with older children as headphones pose a large risk to young ears. We often take for granted our ability to hear and the vital role it plays in our everyday lives. During such a joyous season it’s important to remember the long term affects toys and accessories can have on our children. Let’s make sure that our children and we have a peaceful Christmas and New Year.