Don’t let hearing loss shut you out from family, friends and life

Hearing loss creates barriers. You find yourself retreating to a solitary place, losing touch with the people and things that are at the center of your world. Break out of the isolation of hearing loss with Agil from Oticon.

Agil is one of the most advanced instruments on the market. Superior technology takes the work out of hearing and listening, so you can hear clearly and effortlessly. As a result, you have more energy to understand and enjoy the voices, music and sounds that color your world and enrich your life.

  • Works in harmony with your brain to let you hear voices and sounds clearly.
  • Lets you follow conversation by protecting speech information and reducing distortion.
  • Provides a full breadth and range of music when you stream through any Bluetooth® device.
  • Stylish and comfortable — so small, no one will even notice you’re wearing a hearing device.