Sinus Disease Services in Clackamas, OR

Sinus disease or sinusitis involves the infection or inflammation of the lining of the sinus cavities, hollow spaces in your cheeks and around your eyes. These infections will often follow a cold and cause pressure and pain and pressure in your face and head. Caused by viruses, bacteria or fungus, this condition can be acute or chronic. When discomfort does not go away for eight weeks or longer it is considered chronic. Sinusitis can occur when the lining of the sinus cavities gets inflamed from a cold, other viral infection, or nasal allergies. This swelling then blocks normal fluid drainage from the sinuses to the throat and nose. Unable to drain, the fluid builds over time and bacteria or fungus may grow. Bacterial or fungal infections then cause even more swelling and pain. These types of sinus conditions are more likely to last and get worse.

The most common symptoms of sinus disease are a runny or stuffy nose as well as pain and pressure in the head and face. Bad breath, headaches, fever, mucus cough, teeth pain, and reduced senses of taste and smell are other symptoms. A sufferer may also have a yellow or green postnasal discharge drip down the back of your throat causing irritation. The location of the worst symptoms is dependent on which of your sinuses is affected. While most viral sinus infections usually disappear on their own with time, in some sufferers they do not and if they develop into a bacterial or fungal infection treatment is certainly recommended.

Bacterial infections can usually be treated with antibiotics with rapid results. A fungal infection may need antifungal medicines, steroid medicines, or surgery. To determine the severity and solution to your problem, MT. Scott ENT will conduct a thorough medical history, physical examination, and, if further clarification is required, we will utilize a full array of imaging tests to assess the situation and plan a treatment that will clear up the infection, improve drainage and reduce sinus swelling, and relieve any pressure and pain.

While sinus infections happen to everyone, if you develop a condition that is severe and long lasting, or develop sinus infections frequently, it would be a good idea to have us at Mt. Scott ENT or another specialist take a look to determine the cause and solution.