Our Services and Areas of Expertise

Mt. Scott ENT and Sleep Medicine

Mt. Scott ENT & Sleep Medicine is Portland’s only comprehensive clinic of its kind. We are an experts in the following all housed in one convenient location.

The Best Path of Exceptional Care in One Place

Adults, teens and children suffering with issues or discomfort from the systems of the face, head, neck; ear, nose, or throat can often find the best possible relief by implementing more than one kind of treatment from more than one kind of specialty.

The Mt. Scott team of specialists can work in tandem to diagnose, plan and provide the best path of treatment for expert medical or surgical care without the need to hand off or refer patients elsewhere. You will begin with, be cared for by, and find resolution from the same team of caring specialists with whom you start.

Expertise, Personal Experience, and Individualized Care

At Mt. Scott, we have seen and helped thousand of patients, and performed countless hours of successful procedures. Many of our own physicians and staff have undergone or continue to use treatment for ENT disorders and Sleep and Snoring issues of their own. We understand how debilitating, draining and stressful the impacts of these issues can be. We know what treatment can feel like; before, during and after. Yet, we know that no two patients are alike. Listening to you and addressing your individual concerns, questions and goals is our priority; along side expertly diagnosing and successfully treating your medical and surgical needs.

Let the Mt. Scott ENT staff guide you in you taking the first steps toward finding profound relief for the rest of your life.

Please call us today at (503) 233-5548 to explore your treatment options and answer any questions you have.