Neck Contouring Services in Clackamas, OR

Neck ContouringYou may be a candidate for Neck Contouring if you have excess skin, fat, or muscle banding under your chin and in the central neck area. This procedure is most commonly paired with a facelift and addresses all three tissue types (skin, fat, & muscle) that cause a blunting of the youthful angle of the neck under the chin. When excess fat is the only thing contributing to the fullness of a neckline, liposuction neck contouring may be appropriate and can be performed in about 30 minutes. Your doctor will help you determine which combination of procedures is needed to maximize the benefit to your neck. The Neck Contouring procedures are intended to give the patient a more youthful and attractive neck contour.

Anesthesia: Local

In/Outpatient: Outpatient

Recovery: Typically the same amount of recovery as expected with a minimally invasive facelift, approximately one week.

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