What to Consider When Choosing a Surgeon

Contemporary medicine has evolved into practice by sub-specialists. This holds true in plastic surgery. In deciding on a plastic surgeon, choosing one with expertise in the area that you would like enhanced is the most important decision. Therefore if you are choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery of the face, then choosing a Facial Plastic Surgeon is essential. Facial plastic surgeons devote their entire practice to the face, head and neck. Choosing a surgeon who has performed a high number of procedures is also important. Our surgeons have performed thousands of procedures on the face and are among the busiest Head and Neck Surgeons in the Portland Area.

Oregon Medical Board
It is also important to review that your physician is currently licensed in Oregon and that there are no disciplinary actions against the physician.

Board Certification
You should also confirm that your physician is board certified by the appropriate American Board of Medical Specialty member board. Board certification implies that not only has a physician passed all the requirements demanded by their specialty board, but that they participate in maintenance of their certification though ongoing education.

American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

American Board of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery

Beyond the credentials, you should always feel comfortable with your choice of surgeon. Our surgeons strive to earn your trust through competence and patient care. We will provide you the best patient care in the safest environment.