Chin Augmentation Services in Clackamas, OR

Chin augmentation is a simple yet powerful procedure that can correct the ‘weak’ or receded chin and can be performed in less than an hour. Typically, a chin implant is placed along the lower border of the mandible, or jaw, to create a strong, confident chin and rejuvenated neck contour. A chin implant is a safe, semi-solid material that can be placed through an intraoral approach through the lower lip without any external incisions although the placement of an implant through an extraoral approach involves only a small, almost imperceptible incision underneath the chin. A variety of shapes and sizes of chin implants exist; we use chin implants that conform to the contour of the jawline to create a natural result.

During your personalized consultation, we will establish what your aesthetic needs and desires are. Chin augmentation can be performed as a solo procedure but can also be combined with rhinoplasty, neck liposculpting, or a facelift. Digital imaging analysis can be performed during your consultation to better demonstrate the degree of chin projection that is ideal for you and your facial shape. Our surgeons will undertake a complete facial and dental analysis to determine your candidacy for chin augmentation. For example, if you have a significant overbite along with dental or TMJ problems, we may refer you first to a dentist, orthodontist, or an oral/maxillofacial surgeon for consultation.

Like cheek augmentation, chin augmentation can be performed with fat grafting or soft-tissue injectable fillers although the gold standard for chin augmentation involves the placement of a chin implant. During your consultation, we will discuss options for chin augmentation and help you decide which method suits your needs.

Anesthesia: Local (Minimal Sedation or General Anesthesia available if desired)

In/Outpatient: Outpatient

Recovery: Relatively quick — patients may return to work in a few days although individual recovery times vary.

Duration of Results: Long term